Обувь для бега и тренировок в городской среде Reebok Reebok Crossfit Sprint 2.0

Using Strongman to Build Mass: A 4-Week Hypertrophy Program - BarBend (blog)

A love of the iron is often accompanied by a desire to increase the muscle mass on one’s frame. Ask most new trainees and eye popping muscles are one of the things that attracts them to the weight room. While weight gain is heavily reliant on eating a calorie surplus, exercise selection is just as important for big muscles. Too many beginners spend far too much time lifting light weights and... Источник: barbend.com


  • Staying fit: Are you ready for Tough Mudder?

    Everest 2.0: A slippery sprint to the summit where outstretched arms of mudders await to grab you. Electroshock Therapy: Run through a shocking finale of dangling wires packing 10,000 volts. But there's more! Hurdles, Sand Bagging, Killa Gorilla

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