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  • EC bars BJP in Gujarat from using 'Pappu' in electronic ad

    According to BJP sources, the media committee under the Gujarat Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) objected to the word mentioned in the script of the advertisement which was submitted by the party for approval last month. "Before making any election

  • Sea Otter 2013: Yeti ARC and SB95 Carbon

    Yeti has two new bikes: both carbon; one a hardtail and one a suspension bike. Has it jumped on the 27.5in movement – well, that's an interesting one. Let's start with the classic Yeti ARC-C. Yeti's chief guru, Chris Conroy ran us through it and gave

  • Time to unveil the 2018 hotlist

    Hmmm. We get Longoria's drift, although the last time we looked, most of these women had made quite a lot of money out of twirling their sponsored frocks. And we doubt any of them will look actually plain come Sunday. Meanwhile, Georgina Chapman, the

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